MI - Fimex

Fortran90 interface

Fimex comes with a fortran90 interface in modules/F90/fimex.f90 using fortran:2003. The libfimexf and fimex.mod for using it will be build when –enable-fortran is used during ./configure of fimex, and should be linked with -lfimexf. Documentatation of the interface can be found in fimex.f90. Of most interest are the methods belonging to the high-level interface Fimex::FimexIO.

An example can be found in modules/F90/fortran_test.f90 (see Examples)

For working with 2D x/y-fields as common with numerical weather prediction models and grib-files, the fimexf library contains also the module modules/F90/fimex2d.F90 . An example on using the 2d high-level library can be found in modules/F90/fimex2d_example.F90 (see Examples).